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The WHO Global Hepatitis Network

The WHO Global Hepatitis Network was launched on 7 June 2013 during the APASL Liver Week 2013 in Singapore by an announcement attended by meeting participants and members of the media. The vision of the Network is “a world where viral hepatitis transmission is stopped and all have access to safe and effective care and treatment.”

The Global Hepatitis Network is an international collaboration platform dedicated to increase awareness; share knowledge, information and know-how; build capacities; and mobilize resources to reduce the morbidity and mortality due to viral hepatitis and to improve patient care; thus alleviating the socio-economic impact of viral hepatitis at individual, community and population levels.

The Global Hepatitis Network encompasses different individuals and organizations undertaking different types of activity in the area of viral hepatitis and sharing a common desire to create a positive change in the world. The network values transparency in its functioning as a means of accountability to its members and to the general public. Within the network, the members work in an egalitarian environment with mutual respect. They believe in and work for the common good of public health. The network members share information voluntarily, enhance synergies by avoiding duplication of efforts and contribute to fill in knowledge gaps.

At the global, regional and country levels, and in areas of prevention, screening, care and treatment of viral hepatitis; the network aims to:

  • raise awareness of the global burden;
  • advocate for resource mobilization;
  • generate and disseminate data;
  • build or strengthen capacity or support programs;
  • support a public health research agenda for strengthening evidence-based policies.

Individuals from eligible organizations/institutions may become members of the Network. To be eligible, an institution or a part of it must work in areas of prevention, screening, care or treatment of viral hepatitis. The eligible organizations are as follows: WHO Collaborating Centers; organizations of health professionals; technical agencies; civil society organizations; universities; and development agencies.
Commercial organizations or for-private entities cannot become members of the network but may be invited to participate in its specific activities.

If you are interested in becoming a Network member, please fill in the application form.

For more information, you can write to hepatitis@who.int


WHO Global Hepatitis Network application form

For more information, you can write to hepatitis@who.int