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Sierra Leone: for Ebola survivors the pain goes on

Three women recovered from Ebola, tell their story at the Survivors’ Conference in Kenema, Sierra Leone, 2014.
WHO/S. Gborie

29 October 2014 -- As the Ebola outbreak grows, a small but significant group of people is also growing - the Ebola survivors. The survivors have not found life easy on the other side of the Ebola ward. They have a range of symptoms - visual problems, body aches, such as joint, muscle and chest pain. It has become evident that physical after-effects of the disease are among the most pressing problems Ebola survivors face.

Industry leaders and key partners discuss trials and production of Ebola vaccine

The first shipment of Ebola vaccines arrived in Geneva and were stored at the Geneva University hospital in October 2014.
WHO/M. Missioneiro

24 October 2014 -- WHO convened a high-level emergency meeting on 23 October to look at the many complex policy issues that surround access to Ebola vaccines. Ways to ensure the fair distribution and financing of these vaccines were discussed, as well as plans for the different phases of clinical trials to be performed concurrently rather than consecutively, partnerships for expediting clinical trials, and proposals for getting all development partners moving in tandem and at the same accelerated pace.

WHO declares end of Ebola outbreak in Nigeria

WHO/A. Esiebo

20 October 2014 -- WHO officially declares that Nigeria is now free of Ebola virus transmission. This is a spectacular success story that shows that Ebola can be contained. The story of how Nigeria ended what many believed to be potentially the most explosive Ebola outbreak imaginable is worth telling in detail.

Ebola response roadmap

WHO has issued a roadmap to guide and coordinate the international response to the outbreak of the Ebola virus disease in west Africa. The roadmap aims to stop ongoing Ebola transmission worldwide within 6-9 months while rapidly managing the consequences of any further international spread. It also recognises the need to address, in parallel, the outbreak’s broader socioeconomic impact.

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