Emergencies preparedness, response

Infection prevention and control in health care for preparedness and response to outbreaks

Key activities

Develop a cross-sectional, multidisciplinary WHO initiative for prevention and control of dissemination of infections associated with healthcare.

  • Contribute to build up the WHO infection control network.
  • Work with collaborating centres. Review existing infection prevention and control collaborating centres, and identify potential collaborating centres.

Support Member States to build capacity of health care facilities and personnel to respond to communicable disease emergencies (epidemics and pandemics).

  • Contribute to the development of a programme for health care facility emergency preparedness to respond to pandemics and epidemics.
  • Foster the creation of infection control networks for readiness and response to outbreaks.

Support for infection control preparedness and response to epidemic and pandemic threats.

  • Provide guidelines on infection control policies to prevent and control spread of epidemic- and pandemic-prone respiratory diseases' pathogens.
  • Develop implementation strategies to disseminate guidance on infection control measures for epidemic- and pandemic-prone respiratory diseases in health care settings.
  • Participation in response to outbreaks with the Global Outbreak Alert and Response Network (GOARN).