Emergencies preparedness, response

GAR films


  • Natvent Design Project: Jim Atkinson
    This short film outlines the activities undertaken by the GAR Natvent Design Project which combines building design and infection control for sustainable, low-cost, energy-efficient health-care facilities using natural ventilation.
  • PSA: Working Together

    Film length: 1:51 min

    This Public Service Announcement explains to the viewer that the vast amount of work needed to successfully distribute flu antivirals during the spring of 2009 was the combined effort of many departments of the World health Organization.


  • Strategic Health Operations Centre 2009

    Film length: 1:06 min

    This short film outlines the activities undertaken in the Strategic health Operations Centre (SHOC) during the height of the H1N1 outbreak during the spring of 2000.

  • Event Management System

    Film length: 2:24 min

    A short documentary outlining the functions of WHO's Event Management System.


  • Infection control and prevention

    Film length: 18:27 min

    This film demonstrates Infection prevention and control measures in selected situations in health care settings.





  • Ebola 2000

    Film length: 15.48 min

    Describes the history of the Ebola outbreak in Gulu, Uganda, 2000/2001.