Country focus

WHO offices in countries, territories and areas

WHO has 150 offices in countries territories and areas. Four of these offices are in territories and areas. They are: the WHO Humanitarian Assistance Office in Pristina; the West Bank and Gaza Strip office; the US–Mexico Border office in El Paso and the Office of the Caribbean Program Coordination in Barbados.

Heads of WHO offices in countries, territories and areas

Head of WHO Office (HWO) is the generic term used to represent the various categories of managers who are responsible for the WHO offices in countries, territories and areas. They are designated by the Director-General and by the respective Regional Directors. The HWO manages WHO's core functions at country level and provides leadership in the following key functional areas: advocacy, partnership and representation; support to policy development and technical cooperation; and administration and management.

In the WHO African, Eastern Mediterranean, South-East Asian and Western Pacific Regions, these staff are called WHO Representatives. In the WHO Region for the Americas, where they represent both PAHO and WHO, they are called PAHO/WHO Representatives. In the WHO European Region, the WHO Representatives are called WHO Representative/Head of Country Office.

HWOs include:

  • WHO Representatives
  • PAHO/WHO Representatives
  • Heads of Country Offices
  • WHO Liaison Officers
  • Heads of Office
  • WHO Representative and Head of Country Office

WHO Country Cooperation Strategies Guide 2010

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