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WHO Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS)

The WHO Country Cooperation Strategy (CCS) is a medium-term vision for its technical cooperation with a given Member State, in support of the country's National Health Policy, Strategy or Plan. It is the WHO's key instrument to guide its work in countries and the main instrument for harmonizing WHO cooperation in countries with that of other UN Agencies and development partners. The CCS time frame is flexible to align with national cycles and processes.

CCS Strategic Agenda

The formulation of the CCS Strategic Agenda is the core of the CCS process. The Strategic Agenda consists of a set of high-level medium term strategic priorities for WHO cooperation with the country that are jointly agreed with national authorities, and support the National Health Policy, Strategy or Plan. Each Strategic Priority also contains the identified Main Focus Areas WHO will deliver on (i.e. "what") as well as the strategic approaches that will be employed to deliver on these areas (i.e. "how").

The CCS resources

WHO Country Cooperation Strategies Guide 2010

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