Chronic diseases and health promotion

News Archive

14 January 2011

Health experts accept use of HbA1c for diagnosing diabetes

25–26 November 2010

European high-level consultation on noncommunicable diseases

12 November 2010

World Diabetes Day: A reminder of health, developmental impacts of chronic diseases Low-cost steps can be taken by all people on a daily basis to prevent diabetes or delay its onset.

7 March 2006

New WHO training manuals aim to improve hearing care in developing countries

2 February 2006

World Cancer Day: Global action to avert 8 million cancer-related deaths by 2015.

11 November 2005

World Diabetes Day: too many people are losing lower limbs unnecessarily to diabetes.

3 October 2005

New WHO report, Preventing chronic diseases: a vital investment, estimates hundreds of billions of dollars at stake.

22 September 2005

The World Health Organization warns of the rising threat of heart disease and stroke as overweight and obesity rapidly increase.

11 October 2004

World Health Organization supports global effort to relieve chronic pain

23 September 2004

WHO publishes definitive atlas on global heart disease and stroke epidemic

6 September 2004

World Health Organization launches new initiative to address the health needs of a rapidly ageing population

6 August 2004

"5 A Day" Symposium to encourage increased fruit and vegetable consumption in Asia-Pacific

22 May 2004

WHO World Health Assembly adopts global strategy on diet, physical activity and health

5 May 2004

Launch of "Diabetes Action Now": New estimate of more than three million diabetes-related deaths every year

23 February 2004

WHO releases new report on global problem of oral diseases