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MC League

MCLeague ("Monte Carlo League") is a software program that represents uncertainty around costs and effects to decision-makers in the form of stochastic league tables. It provides additional information beyond that offered by the traditional treatment of uncertainty in cost-effectiveness analysis, presenting the probability that each intervention is included in the optimal intervention mix for given levels of resource availability. The software program allows for covariance between costs and outcomes in the analysis. Output includes stochastic league tables and graphs presenting the probability of inclusion of independent sets of mutually exclusive interventions in the optimal mix of interventions at different levels of resources availability. In addition, the software will also construct graphs with confidence ellipses around the 'resource expansion path'. For more theoretical background information on stochastic league tables please read Hutubessy et al. 2001 and Baltussen et al 2002.

MCLeague is supplied as a compiled program that relies on a combination of graphical user interfaces and standard spreadsheet tools for reading input data and selecting options. MCLeague is a work in progress and will accordingly be updated in an ongoing manner with successive versions and enhanced user support. A user help function and users' guide is in preparation to assist in use of the program and the supporting spreadsheet tools. Very limited support is available directly from WHO staff by addressing your query to


MCLeague is available upon request, please send an inquiry to

Please include the following line in your e-mail: I have read and agree to to the terms of the MCLeague license agreement.

Also, please indicate the version of Microsoft Excel/Office you are using. At present, PopMod/MCLeague are only compatible with operating systems running one of the following versions of Microsoft Excel/Office: 97, 2000, XP.
This is for pragmatic reasons and is not to imply that Excel or other Microsoft products are endorsed or recommended by the World Health Organization in preference to others of a similar nature that are not mentioned.

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