Cost effectiveness and strategic planning (WHO-CHOICE)

Price of local (non-traded) goods

Information on prices for local, non-traded goods, is available for each WHO sub-region. Non-traded goods are all those which cannot be internationally traded, thus must be sourced locally, for example human resources.

Data sources are outlined in the methodology paper “Programme costs in the economic evaluation of health interventions”:

Price categories

  • Personnel costs for the following categories
    • Administration
    • Finance
    • Health personnel
    • Law enforcement
    • Computing
    • Transport
    • Logistics
    • Media
    • Maintenance
    • Buildings
  • Media operational costs, at the national province and district level
    • Television
    • Radio
    • Newspaper
    • Wall posters
    • Flyers/leaflets
  • Vehicle operating costs
  • Utility prices
  • Rental prices
  • Per diem and travel allowances
  • Capital costs of buildings