Children's environmental health

North American report

Children's Health and the Environment in North America - A First Report on Available Indicators and Measures

January 2006
This document was prepared by:
CEC - Commission for Environmental Cooperation in collaboration with
IJC - International Joint Commission - Health Professionals Task Force;
PAHO - Pan American Health Organization;
WHO - World Health Organization;
Governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States

The CEC, in partnership with public health organizations and the governments of Canada, Mexico and the United States, released the first-ever report on children's health and environment indicators in North America.

As we learn more about the unique vulnerabilities and susceptibilities of children to environmental risks, there is an increasing call for data and information that can be used to improve public policy in this area. This document, Children’s Health and the Environment in North America: A First Report on Available Indicators and Measures, is the first integrated, regional report providing indicators for a series of children’s health and environment issues. The objective of this report is to inform decision-makers and the public as to the status of key factors related to children’s health and the environment in North America. The aim is to increase awareness of the relationship between environmental risks and children’s health and to provide a means of measuring and promoting change. Since this is the first report of its kind, it also marks an initial step towards the goal of improving the reporting over time, through trilateral collaboration.