Global action against cancer - now!

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Editors: WHO
Number of pages: 15
Publication date: 2005
Languages: English, French, Spanish
ISBN: 92 4 159314 8



The burden of cancer is growing and 24.6 million people are presently living with cancer with more than half living in developing countries. Nearly 7 million people die each year of cancer. Cancer represents a tremendous burden on patients, families, and societies. It is one of the leading causes of death in the world and is still increasing, particularly in developing countries. Around 43% of cancer deaths are due to tobacco use, unhealthy diet, and infection.

However, 2 million lives can be saved by 2020 if appropriate measures are put in place to prevent, early detect, cure and care. This advocacy brochure describes the rising trend of cancer cases worldwide and the need to take a concerted action against cancer.