Country interviews

Learning from countries' experiences

The interviews presented below are part of the planning module of the "Cancer control: knowledge into action" publication, and provide practical insight on why, how and when the cancer plan was developed. They help us understand cancer control planning in various resource settings, the many challenges faced, lessons learned and best practices. The interviews also show that governments in these countries are giving increasing importance to the development of comprehensive cancer control programmes.

In these interviews, cancer experts from 10 countries (Cameroon, Canada, China, Hungary, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Switzerland, Republic of Korea and Viet Nam) have demonstrated concrete country experiences on the different phases of the cancer control planning process. The respondents provided information by telephone or in writing.

The information contained in the interviews does not necessarily represent the decisions or the stated policy of the World Health Organization.

We welcome updates or additional contributions from other countries who would like to share their experiences (contact us at

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