World Health Day - 7 April 2017

World Health Day 2017 poster - Depression: Let's talk

New set of posters released

14 February 2017 -- A new set of posters, specifically for countries in the Eastern Mediterranean, is being released today. Two of the posters depict a conversation in emergency settings. In humanitarian emergencies and ongoing conflict, as many as 1 in 5 people are affected by depression and anxiety.

James Chau shares his personal experience of depression

14 December 2016 - For people living with depression, talking about it can be the first step towards recovery. In this short video, James Chau, news presenter and WHO Goodwill Ambassador for Sustainable Development Goals and Health, speaks of his personal experience of depression, and what helped him recover.

World Health Day 2017 poster - Depression: Let's talk

Campaign essentials released

16 December 2016 – Our "Depression: Let’s talk" Campaign essentials guide includes sections on the goals of the campaign, key messages and campaign products. It also includes suggestions on how to get involved in the campaign and resources for journalists.

World Health Day 2017 poster - Depression: Let’s talk

Depression: Let’s talk

10 October 2016 - Depression is an illness that can happen to anybody. It causes mental anguish and affects people’s ability to carry out everyday tasks, with sometimes devastating consequences for relationships with family and friends. At worst, depression can lead to suicide. Fortunately, depression can be prevented and treated. Today, on World Mental Health Day, the World Health Organization is launching a one-year campaign: Depression: let’s talk.


Scaling-up care for depression

Resources for governments and partner organizations responsible for establishing and scaling-up mental health services

Stories from countries