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Reaching people with multidrug-resistant TB brochure

Progress in diagnosis: a key step in overcoming the MDR-TB crisis

WHO, UNITAID, FIND, Stop TB Partnership

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Number of pages: 12
Publication date: March 2014
Languages: English



The theme for World TB Day 2014 is “Reach the missed 3 million”. Every year more than 3 million people who fall ill with TB are ‘missed’ by health systems and do not always get the TB services that they need and deserve. One key element in reaching the unreached is improved access to quality TB diagnostic services. Capacity has been especially weak for diagnosing multidrug-resistant tuberculosis (MDR-TB), which is one of the critical elements in the overall response to end the MDR-TB crisis. Matching diagnosis with improved access to quality treatment and care is another key step in the response.

This brief presents results from a collaborative multi-country project that is a pathfinder in expanding access to diagnosis for people with MDR-TB, enabling them to get the care they need.

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