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World Immunization Week essentials


The theme of the World Immunization Week 2014 campaign is “Are you up-to-date?” The question is directed primarily at the public, and relates to whether people have all the vaccines they need. Countries and organizations are encouraged to use this theme in a way that is appropriate to individual country or organizational focus. Some may wish to focus on specific sectors of the population, others specific vaccines; others may broaden the focus such that it refers to general information about vaccination e.g. Do you have the latest information on vaccines that are available to you?”

The slogan and calls to action to be used on global materials are "Immunize for a healthy future - Know. Check. Protect.”

Overarching message

The overarching message is directed at the public: "By making sure that you and your family are up-to-date with the vaccines you need, you give yourselves the best chance of a healthy future."

Calls to action


  • why you need to get vaccinated
  • which vaccines you need
  • how, where and when you should get vaccinated
  • where you can go to find out more


  • whether you and family have had all the vaccines you need
  • when you need booster doses
  • whether you need any vaccines before travelling


  • yourself and your family: get vaccinated

We encourage individuals and organizations working at regional, national, and community levels, in the public and private sectors and civil society, to work with us to facilitate the access of the public to the information and services they need to make sure they are up-to-date with their vaccines.