Bulletin of the World Health Organization

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Bulletin of the World Health Organization 2010;88:1-1. doi: 10.2471/BLT.10.000110

In an editorial, Harry A Lando et al. (2) suggest strategies for reducing the harm that tobacco causes to children. In a second editorial, Venkatraman Chandra-Mouli et al. (3) call for collaboration between sexual and reproductive health and HIV programmes to better respond to the needs of adolescents. Liz Allen (4) discusses the difficulty of measuring the impact of health research, in a third editorial. In an interview, Robert Killick-Kendrick (11–12) discusses ongoing efforts to control the ancient parasitic disease, visceral leishmaniasis.

Spain: Hydatid disease costs millions

Christine Benner et al. (49–57) estimate the economic losses caused by human and animal hydatid disease.

China: Health reform targets vulnerable

Cui Weiyuan (5–6) reports on how China is extending coverage to migrant workers as part of its new health reform.

Viet Nam: Mortality statistics are vital

Chalapati Rao et al. (58–65) suggest ways to improve the civil registration system to obtain more accurate mortality statistics.

Viet Nam: Multiple types of abuse and mental health

Huong Thanh Nguyen et al. (22–30) examine the impact of maltreatment during childhood on adolescent mental health.

Zimbabwe: Tuberculosis screenings

Elizabeth L Corbett et al. (13–21) evaluate different approaches to screening for tuberculosis, especially in HIV-positive individuals.

Senegal: Water woes in holy city

Felicity Thompson (7–8) reports on the annual pilgrimage that overwhelms Touba’s fragile water and sanitation system.

South Africa: Breast is always best

Lungi Langa (9–10) reports on how new research has changed breastfeeding guidelines for HIV-positive mothers.

Malnutrition and mortality

Linda Vesel et al. (39–48) assess the relationship between infant malnutrition, breastfeeding and neonatal mortality.

Change needed for hepatitis B vaccines?

C John Clements et al. (66–73) explore the impact of antiviral treatment on circulating strains of hepatitis B.

Mixed health systems syndrome

Sania Nishtar (74–75) discusses the typical problems of health systems with a public–private service mix.

Mapping preterm birth rates

Stacy Beck et al. (31–38) analyse worldwide preterm birth rates.