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Available online 19 October 2017:


  • ID: BLT.16.185199
    pdf, 38kb

    End-of-life care in low- and middle-income countries
    - Dulce M Cruz-Oliver, Milta O Little, Jean Woo & John E Morley


  • ID: BLT.17.191916
    pdf, 229kb

    Service readiness of health facilities in Bangladesh, Haiti, Kenya, Malawi, Namibia, Nepal, Rwanda, Senegal, Uganda and the United Republic of Tanzania
    - Hannah H Leslie, Donna Spiegelman, Xin Zhou & Margaret E Kruk
  • ID: BLT.16.189241
    pdf, 699kb

    Implementation research: reactive mass vaccination with single-dose oral cholera vaccine, Zambia
    - Marc Poncin, Gideon Zulu, Caroline Voute, Eva Ferreras, Clara Mbwili Muleya, Kennedy Malama, Lorenzo Pezzoli, Jacob Mufunda, Hugues Robert, Florent Uzzeni, Francisco J Luquero, Elizabeth Chizema & Iza Ciglenecki


  • ID: BLT.16.187484
    pdf, 93kb

    Assistive technologies for people with dementia: ethical considerations
    - Belinda Bennett, Fiona McDonald, Elizabeth Beattie, Terry Carney, Ian Freckelton, Ben White & Lindy Willmott
  • ID: BLT.16.187617
    pdf, 124kb

    Organizing health-care services to meet older people’s needs
    - Islene Araujo de Carvalho, JoAnne Epping-Jordan, Anne Margriet Pot, Edward Kelley, Nuria Toro, Jotheeswaran A Thiyagarajan & John R Beard
  • ID: BLT.16.184374
    pdf, 524kb

    Lessons learnt during 20 years of the Swedish strategic programme against antibiotic resistance
    - Sigvard Mölstad, Sonja Löfmark, Karin Carlin, Mats Erntell, Olov Aspevall, Lars Blad, Håkan Hanberger, Katarina Hedin, Jenny Hellman, Christer Norman, Gunilla Skoog, Cecilia Stålsby-Lundborg, Karin Tegmark Wisell, Christina Åhrén & Otto Cars


  • ID: BLT.16.187526
    pdf, 74kb

    Volunteer provision of long-term care for older people in Thailand and Costa Rica
    - Peter Lloyd-Sherlock, Anne Margriet Pot, Siriphan Sasat & Fernando Morales-Martinez
  • ID: BLT.16.185546
    pdf, 74kb

    Tetanus in adult males, Bugando Medical Centre, United Republic of Tanzania
    - Riaz Aziz, Robert N Peck, Samuel Kalluvya, Bernard Kenemo, Alphonce Chandika & Jennifer A Downs


  • ID: BLT.17.195735
    pdf, 2.36Mb

    Health-care workers’ occupational exposures to body fluids in 21 countries in Africa: systematic review and meta-analysis
    - Asa Auta, Emmanuel O Adewuyi, Amom Tor-Anyiin, David Aziz, Esther Ogbole, Brian O Ogbonna & Davies Adeloye
  • ID: BLT.17.195735
    pdf, 335kb

    Systematic review of dietary trans-fat reduction interventions
    - Lirije Hyseni, Helen Bromley, Chris Kypridemos, Martin O’Flaherty, Ffion Lloyd-Williams, Maria Guzman-Castillo, Jonathan Pearson-Stuttard & Simon Capewell


  • ID: BLT.17.184622
    pdf, 75kb

    The need to monitor actions on the social determinants of health
    - Frank Pega, Nicole B Valentine, Kumanan Rasanathan, Ahmad R Hosseinpoor, Tone P Torgersen, Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Tipicha Posayanonda, Nathalie Röbbel, Yassine Kalboussi, David H Rehkopf, Carlos Dora, Eugenio R Villar Montesinos & Maria P Neira
  • ID: BLT.16.187609
    pdf, 52kb

    Equity and healthy ageing
    - Sridhar Venkatapuram, Hans-Jörg Ehni & Abha Saxena
  • ID: BLT.17.200428
    pdf, 64kb

    Laws on filial support in four Asian countries
    - Ray Serrano, Richard Saltman & Ming-Jui Yeh
  • ID: BLT.17.196758
    pdf, 49kb

    Uddanam nephropathy in India: a challenge for epidemiologists
    - Praveen Gadde, Suresh Sanikommu, Ramesh Manumanthu & Anitha Akkaloori