Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Bulletin's most downloaded articles 2013

2013 - Volume 91


  • 91(12)923
    pdf, 831kb

    Monitoring service delivery for universal health coverage: the Service Availability and Readiness Assessment
    - Kathryn O’Neill, Marina Takane, Ashley Sheffel, Carla Abou-Zahr & Ties Boerma


  • 91(11)834
    pdf, 1.96Mb

    Early implementation of WHO recommendations for the retention of health workers in remote and rural areas
    - James Buchan, Ian D Couper, Viroj Tangcharoensathien, Khampasong Thepannya, Wanda Jaskiewicz, Galina Perfilieva & Carmen Dolea


  • 91(10)757
    pdf, 961kb

    Hospital payment systems based on diagnosis-related groups: experiences in low- and middle-income countries
    - Inke Mathauer & Friedrich Wittenbecher


  • 91(9)622
    epub, 1.03Mb

    At the crossroads: transforming health systems to address women’s health across the life course
    - Flavia Bustreo, Oleg Chestnov, Felicia Marie Knaul, Islene Araujo de Carvalho, Mario Merialdi, Marleen Temmerman & John R Beard


  • 91(8)602
    pdf, 1.34Mb

    Health financing for universal coverage and health system performance: concepts and implications for policy
    - Joseph Kutzin


  • 91(7)509
    pdf, 1.51Mb

    Smoking-related deaths averted due to three years of policy progress
    - David T Levy, Jennifer A Ellis, Darren Mays & An-Tsun Huang


  • 91(6)391
    pdf, 664kb

    Independent drug bulletins to promote the prescription of appropriate drugs: a necessary but difficult task
    - Bernard Burnand


  • 91(5)315
    pdf, 654kb

    Policy coherence for improved medical innovation and access
    - Zafar Mirza, Anatole Krattiger, Antony Taubman, Hans Georg Bartels, Peter Beyer, Roger Kampf & Jayashree Watal


  • 91(4)244
    pdf, 952kb

    Deployment of community health workers across rural sub-Saharan Africa: financial considerations and operational assumptions
    - Gordon C McCord, Anne Liu & Prabhjot Singh


  • 91(3)184
    pdf, 864kb

    Evaluation, in three provinces, of the introduction and impact of China’s National Essential Medicines Scheme
    - Yang Li, Cui Ying, Guo Sufang, Philippa Brant, Li Bin & David Hipgrave


  • 91(2)102
    pdf, 1.58Mb

    Mortality among people who inject drugs: a systematic review and meta-analysis
    - Bradley M Mathers, Louisa Degenhardt, Chiara Bucello, James Lemon, Lucas Wiessing & Mathew Hickman


  • 91(1)36
    pdf, 855kb

    Multidrug-resistant tuberculosis in Belarus: the size of the problem and associated risk factors
    - Alena Skrahina, Henadz Hurevich, Aksana Zalutskaya, Evgeni Sahalchyk, Andrei Astrauko, Sven Hoffner, Valiantsin Rusovich, Andrei Dadu, Pierpaolo de Colombani, Masoud Dara, Wayne van Gemert & Matteo Zignol