Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Citations to the journal (per cited year)

Citations to the journal in 2010

Journal cited half-life *

The cited half-life for the journal is the median age of its articles cited in the current JCR year. Half of the citations to the journal are to articles published within the cited half-life. Cited Half-Life: 9.2 years.


  • The white/grey division indicates the cited half-life (if < 10.0). Half of the journal's cited articles were published more recently than the cited half-life.
  • The top (gold) portion of each column indicates Journal Self Citations: citations to articles in the journal from articles in the same journal.
  • The bottom (blue) portion of each column indicates Non-Self Citations: citations to the journal from articles in other journals.
  • The two lighter columns indicate citations used to calculate the Impact Factor (always the 2nd and 3rd columns).

* Source: ISI Web of Knowledge Journal Citation Reports. Updated 25 November 2011.