Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 80 (9) 2002

In this month's Bulletin

  • Page ii
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    Protection against neonatal tetanus; Resistance to antimalarials; Comparing maternal health services; Finding a safe well to drink from; Health and wealth in Kerala


  • Page 689
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    Health and the World Conference on Sustainable Development—Gro Harlem Brundtland


  • Page 690
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    Epidemiology of meningitis in Bulgaria—Mira Kojouharova et al.
  • Page 696
    pdf, 98kb

    Tetanus toxoid coverage and tetanus antitoxin seroprevalence—Michael S. Demming et al.
  • Page 704
    pdf, 74kb

    Therapeutic efficacy of chlorquine and sulfadoxine/pyrimethamine in Somalia—M. Warsame et al..
  • Page 709
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    Survey of clients of female sex workers in Dakar, Senegal—M.E. Gomes et al.
  • Page 714
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    Gender, literacy, and survival among Ethiopian adults—Yemane Berhane et al.
  • Page 721
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    Rating maternal and neonatal health services in developing countries—Rodolfo A. Bulatao & John A. Ross
  • Page 728
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    Vaccination against hepatitis A virus in school children in northern India—Yogesh Batra et al.
  • Page 732
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    Promotion of well-switching in Bangladesh—Alexander van Geen et al.
  • Page 738
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    Control of human African trypanosomiasis in Angola—José Antonio Ruiz et al.

Policy & Practice


  • Page 759
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    The role of food safety in child survival programmes; The missing link: neonatal care in rural communities


  • Page 761
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    Health plans for Africa remain vague as G8 agrees to meet 10% of the need; Global AIDS conference finds the issue is cash; World Trade Organization still threatens supply of affordable AIDS drugs

WHO News

  • Page 764
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    Health aid as well as food aid needed in southern Africa; Childhood obesity control strategy under preparation; Draft treaty on tobaccon control released; Study on the health implications of trade agreements published; Guide to skin cancer prevention launched