Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 80 (7) 2002

In this month's Bulletin

  • Page 524
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    Epilepsy treatment in Mali; Hepatitis B in prisons — Australia; How doctors survive on low pay; Safety of street food in Accra, Ghana; Data on causes of death



  • Page 526
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    Preventing TB among health workers in Malawi—A.D. Harries et al.
  • Page 532
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    Treatment of epilepsy with phenobarbital in rural Mali—K. Nimaga et al.
  • Page 538
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    Therapeutic efficacy of various drugs against P. Falciparum in Cameroon—Leonardo K. Basco et al.
  • Page 546
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    How safe is street food in Accra, Ghana?—Patience Mensah et al.
  • Page 555
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    Inadequacies of death certification in Beirut—Abla M. Sibai et al.
  • Page 562
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    Respiratory syncytial virus in the Gambia—Martin W. Weber et al.

Policy & Practice

Public Health Classic

  • Page 592
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    Commentary: A new paradigm for medical schools a century after Flexner's report—Charles Boelen
  • Page 594
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    Medical education in the United States and Canada

Books & Electronic Media

  • Page 603
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    Madness: a brief history; Asbestos blues: labour, capital, physicians and the state in South Africa


  • Page 605
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    Exclusive breastfeeding is best in all cases—Marian Tompson et al.


  • Page 606
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    Once nearly eliminated, dengue now plagues all of Latin America; women see little hope of antiretroviral treatment yet; Kenya says yes to generic ARVs but fails to win Global fund cash; Much longer life and much more cancer predicted; Global Fund could spend US$ 616 million over two years

WHO News

  • Page 610
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    Air travellers' thrombosis study obtains funding; Traditional medicine strategy launched; FIFA wins WHO award for making World Cup tobacco free; Staff changes at WHO headquarters