Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 80 (11) 2002

In this month's Bulletin

  • Page ii
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    Costing unsafe injections; Russian mortality rates; Supply and demand for bednets; Emergency care


  • Page 845
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    The use of capture–recapture methods in public health—Eugene M. Laska


  • Page 846
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    Two-source capture–recapture method for acute flaccid paralysis—Kathryn Whitfield & Health Kelly
  • Page 852
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    Rapid assessment of prevalence and intensity of Loa loa infection—Innocent Takougang et al.
  • Page 859[pdf 360Kb]
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    Risks and costs of injection devices in sub-Saharan Africa—Donatus U. Ekwueme et al.
  • Page 871
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    Interpregnancy interval and preterm birth—Fatima Al-Jasmi et al.
  • Page 876
    pdf, 119kb

    Mortality patterns in the Russian Federation—Martin Bobak et al.
  • Page 882
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    Tests for serodiagnosis and surveillance of African trypanosomiasis in West and Central Africa—Philippe Truc et al.
  • Page 887
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    Pregnancy-related mortality in Nepal—Elizabeth Kimbrough Pradhan et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 892
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    Reduction in tariffs and taxes on insecticide-treated bednets—Jonathon L. Simon et al.
  • Page 900
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    Emergency medical care in developing countries: is it worthwhile?—Junaid A. Razzak & Arthur L. Kellermann

Public Health Classic

  • Page 906
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    Commentary: Immunosuppression induced by ultraviolet radiation: relevance to public health—Mary Norval
  • Page 908
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    Systemic alteration induced in mice by ultraviolet light irradiation and its relationship to ultraviolet carcinogenesis—Michael S. Fisher & Margaret L. Kripke


  • Page 913
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    Twenty-five years of essential medicines—Jonathan D. Quick et al.

Books & Electronic Media

  • Page 915
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    World report of violence and health; Drinking water and infectious disease — establishing the links



  • Page 918
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    Malaria and mosquito genomes sequences, but funding falls short; Argentina's health system devastated but health workers rally; South Africa takes first steps to provide antiretrovirals

WHO News

  • Page 922
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    Cardiovascular disease can be halved, World Health Report finds; Negotiators on tobacco control press ahead; Alliance upholds the right to sight; Health situation deteriorates in the occupied Palestinian territory