Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 80 (10) 2002

In this month's Bulletin

  • Page ii
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    Violence and youth; Lead in blood in Karachi; Malaria treatment uptake; Neglected surgical needs



  • Page 769
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    Blood lead concentrations in children—Mohammad Hossein Rahbar et al.
  • Page 776
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    Measles vaccine effectiveness in Dhaka, Bangladesh—Syed M. Akramuzzaman et al.
  • Page 783
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    Use of remote sensing and GIS in a national helminth control programme in Chad—Simon Brooker et al.
  • Page 790
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    Plasmodium falciparum treatment in rural Gambia—Lorenz von Seidlein et al.
  • Page 797
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    Factors related to homicide rates—Alexander Butchard & Karin Engström
  • Page 806
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    Boosting responses after aerosol measles vaccination—John V. Bennett et al.
  • Page 813
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    Evaluation of the Haemoglobin Colour Scale—J.J. Paddle

Policy & Practice

  • Page 817
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    The Malarone Donation Programme: a public-private partnership for malaria control—A.B.O. Olukayode Oyediran et al.
  • Page 822
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    Polio eradication and the financing of routine immunization—Anne Levin et al.

Public Health Reviews

  • Page 829
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    Surgical services for children in developing countries—S.W. Bickler & H. Rode


  • Page 836
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    The implications for TB control of the growth in the numbers of private practitioners in developing countries—James Newell

Books & Electronic Media



  • Page 840
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    One good decision at the Earth Summit: to improve sanitation; Music, danceing—and a national policy—are challenging violence in Brazil; New non-profit organization will support research to combat neglected diseases; Europe finds US$ 200 million to support African clinical trials

WHO News

  • Page 844
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    Change of leadership for WHO in 2003; WHO releases global reference guide on 325 essential medicines; European report shows growing inequities in wealth and health; Million-kronor prize will help launch Healthy Environments for Children initiative