Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 80 (1) 2002

In this month's Bulletin

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    Drawers of water; Responding to cholera vaccine; Human resources for health systems; Lowering preventable child mortality



  • Page 2
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    Cholera vaccine in Viet Nam—D.D. Trach et al.
  • Page 9
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    Death rate variation in the USA—David A. Kindig et al.
  • Page 16
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    Etiology of child mortality in Goroka, Papua New Guinea—Trevor Duke et al.
  • Page 26
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    Cohort smoking intensities inDenmark and the Netherlands—Jan J. Barendregt et al.
  • Page 33
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    Compliance to antihupertension medication in the Seychelles—Pascal Bovet et al.
  • Page 40
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    Risk of Ascrarsis lumbricoides in Brazil— Fernando Ferreira Carneiro at al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 47
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    Midwifery training programmes in South Kalimantan, Indonesia—Damian Walker et al.
  • Page 56
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    Health sector reform and human resources—Ala'Alwan & Peter Hornby

Public Health Classics

  • Page 61
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    Commentary: Drawers of water: assessing domestic water use in Africa—John Thompson & Sandy Cairncross
  • Page 63
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    Drawers of Water. Domestic Water Use in East Africa—Gilbert F. White, David J. Bradley, & Anne U. White.

Books & Electronic Media


  • Page 75
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    Water, sanitation, and hygiene evaluation issues; Impact of the Bosnian conflict on the health of women and children; The role of RT-PCR assays of oral fluid for diagnosis and surveilance of measles, mumps and rubella


  • Page 78
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    HIV/AIDS surges in Eastern Europe—Asia-Pacific next?; Haemoglobin variant gives strong protection against malaria; Anti-inflammatory drugs slash Alzhemer risk; WHO attacks tobacco sponsorship of sports; WHO head visits DPR Korea

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