Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 79 (9) 2001

Special theme issue: Globalization

In this month's Bulletin

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    Globalization is good for you; Globalization is bad for you; th eoutlook from three spots on teh globe; Globalized information in India: opportunities and constraints; Exotic globalized food in Tonga: mutton flaps and chicken parts; The globalization of public health; Global public goods and bads


  • Page 803
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    Globalization: changing the public health landscape—Nick Drager & Robert Beaglehole
  • Page 804
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    Globalization: from rhetoric to evidence—Richard G. A. Feachem


  • Page 805
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    The etiology of maternal mortality in developing countries—Nancy L. sloan et al.
  • Page 811
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    Comparison of two typhoid vacines in Malaysian Air Force recruits—Vijayaretnam Panchanathan et al.

Public Health Reviews

Policy & Practice


  • Page 889
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    Views from three parts of the world
    Thailand—Chitr Sitthi-amorn
    United Kingdom—John Wyn Owen
    India—K. R. Thankappan
  • Page 894
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    Drug studies in developing countries—Piero L. Olliaro et al.


Books & Electronic Media

  • Page 898
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    The Lugano Report: on preserving capitalism in the 21st century—Maurice King; Human frontiers, environments and disease: past patterns, uncertain futures—Robert Beaglehole


  • Page 900
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    Maternal mortality estimates are useful—Franklin White & Sarah Saleem; Aircraft disinfection—Rupali Das et al.


WHO News

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    TB drug prices slashed for poor countries; Electromagnetic fields in homes carry leukaemia risk for children, WHO agency says.