Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 79 (4) 2001

In this month's Bulletin

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    Hurricanes and pesticides; Epilepsy, another neglected burden on the poor; Improving the use of antibiotics— a Vietnamese success story; A better bucket to keep cholera at bay; Family affairs


  • Page 279
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    Ethical principles for the guidance of physicians in medical research —the Declaration of Helsinki—Juhana E. Idänpään-Heikkilä


  • Page 280
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    Keeping water clean—Les Roberts et al.
  • Page 288
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    Environmental pesticide exposure in Honduras following hurricane Mitch—Lina Balluz et al.
  • Page 296
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    Mass vaccination strategies—Patrick L.F. Zuber et al.
  • Page 301
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    Flowchart for managing STIs among Nigerian adolescent females—O.K. Obunge et al.
  • Page 306
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    Epidemiology of leprosy in China, 1949–98—Xiang-Sheng Chen et al.
  • Page 313
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    Improving antibiotic prescribing in Viet Nam—John Chalker
  • Page 321
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    Use of family history for control of hypertension, obesity and diabetes—Marianne A.B. van der Sande et al.
  • Page 329
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    Resources for tuberculosis control—Anthony D. Harries et al.
  • Page 337
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    Safety of an intradermal BCG vaccine in South Africa—Prakash M. Jeena et al.

Policy & Practice

Public Health Classic

Declaration of Helsinki


  • Page 375
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    HIV/AIDS control needs a clear plan of action; Relationship between malaria endemicity and acute febrile illness mortality in children


  • Page 377
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    Medicines for all, not just the rich; Lifestyle and Alzheimer disease— study strengthens link; US health care takes a battering; New partnership boosts work on malaria vaccine for children; Update on depleted uranium tests; Multiple sclerosis and hepatitis B vaccine— no evidence of link

WHO News

  • Page 380
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    Alcohol takes its toll on Europe’s youth; WHO airline meeting sparks deep thrombosis research; New anti-malarial drug should outsmart parasite resistance