Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 79 (12) 2001

Special theme issue: HIV/AIDS

In This Month's Bulletin

  • Page ii
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    An outbreak centre for Europe?; Bias hampers availability of medicines; Reversing AIDS; Waiting for an AIDS vaccine; Preventing AIDS rationally


  • Page 1093
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    Maintaining the intergrity of the clinical evidence base—Jonathan Quick
  • Page 1094
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    A European centre to respond to threats of bioterrorism and major epidemics—Michel Tibayrenc
  • Page 1095
    pdf, 36kb

    Facing the reality of AIDS—a 15-year process?—Daniel Tarantola


  • Page 1096
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    Integrated management of childhood illness in Dhaka, Bangladesh—S.H. Factor et al.

Policy & Practice

Round Table

  • Page 1145
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    Community-based treatment of advanced HIV disease—Paul Farmer et al. Commentaries by: Richard Feachem; Ariel Pablos-Mendez;Charles Gilks, Carla AbouZahr, Tomris Türmen

Public Health Classic


  • Page 1168
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    Factors in HIV/AIDS transmission in sub-Saharan Africa—Givans K. Ateka


  • Page 1169
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    Predicting relapse after treatment for American cutaneous leishmaniasis; Acute flaccid paralysis surveillance in Australia


  • Page 1171
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    Brazilian Amazon nearly halves malaria cases in a year; UNICEF report flags failures of 1990 child summit goals; Job discontent fuels aggressive recruitment of nurses; New global plan to halt TB; Caesarean section delivery, an increasingly popular option

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Mario Raviglione coordinated the special theme section of this issue