Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 79 (1) 2001

In This Month's Bulletin

  • Page ii
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    Teenage victims of homicide; The merits of fixed-dose combination therapy for tuberculosis; Mother doesn't always know best; Hospital nurses for outbreak alert



  • Page 2
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    Homicide in Recife, Brazil: a case-control study—Gilliat H. Falbo et al.
  • Page 8
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    Volunteers for trachoma control—Anthony W. Solomon et al.
  • Page 15
    pdf, 241kb

    Behaviour and knowledge of HIV in Viet Nam—Thang D. Bui et al.
  • Page 22
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    Surveillance of potential disease outbreaks—David N. Durrheim et al.
  • Page 28
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    Home care of malaria-infected children in Guinea—Amadou Bailo Diallo et al.
  • Page 33
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    Maternal and congenital syphilis in Bolivia, 1996—Karen L. Southwick et al.
  • Page 43
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    Methods for preserving Streptococcus pneumoniae in the tropics—George Silberry et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 48
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    Rethinking Mwanza and Rakai—Christopher P. Hudson
    Commentaries: Kevin R. O'Reilly & Antonio Carlos Gerbase; Michael Alary
  • Page 61
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    Treatment of tuberculosis with fixed-dose combination tablets—Bjørn Blomberg et al.

Public Health Classic

  • Page 69
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    Commentary: Kochi's tuberculosis strategy article is a "classic" by any definition—John A. Sbarbaro
  • Page 71
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    The global tuberculosis situation and the new control strategy of the WHO—Arata Kochi

Books & Electronic Media

  • Page 76
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    Interdisciplinary perspectives on health policy and practice - competing interests or complementary interpretations?



  • Page 78
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    AIDS—dramatic surge in ex-Soviet Union, no respite worldwide, new data shows; Tannery pollution threatens health of half-million Bangladesh residents; Experimental vaccine protects monkeys against Ebola virus; Treaty bans pollutants but allows DDT for malaria; Mental illness and smoking show strong links; A tomato a day keeps death away (for some people); A fly that vaccinates the host it feeds on; Laugh to your heart's content

WHO News

  • Page 81
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    Polio virus pops up in unexpected places; Internet initiative to boost health research in Africa, Central Asia, and Eastern Europe; Taking avoidable danger out of pregnancy; Art inspired by tobacco; World's water supply and sanitation services called "shameful"; Obesity in children in developing countries—an expanding problem?