Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (8) 2000



  • Page 950
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    Pattern of susceptibility ot measles in Italy—Stefania Salmaso et al.
  • Page 956
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    Unsafe injections and the transmission of hepatitis B and C in a periurban community in Pakistan—Aamir J. Khan et al.
  • Page 964
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    Low-cost technology for screening uterine cervical cancer—Aditya Parashari et al.
  • Page 968
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    American cutaneous leishmaniasis: use of a skin test as a predictor of relapse after treatment—Valéria M.A. Passos et al.
  • Page 975
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    Validation of spot-testing kits to determine iodine content in salt—Chandrakant S. Pandav et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 981
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    A critical examination of summary measures of population health—Christopher Murray et al.
  • Page 995
    pdf, 358kb

    Why aircraft disinsection?—Norman G. Gratz et al.
  • Page 1005
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    Through Mintzberg's glasses: a fresh look at the organization of ministries of health—Jean-Pierre Unger et al.
  • Page 1015
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    New contraceptive eligibility checklists for provision of combined oral contraceptives and depot-medroxyprogesterone acetate in community-based programmes—Amanda Stang et al.
  • Page 1024
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    Resource allocation and budgetary mechanisms for decentralized health systems: experiences from Balochistan, Pakistan—Andrew Green et al.
  • Page 1036
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    Antiretroviral interventions to reduce mother-to-child tranmission of human immunodeficiency virus: challenges for health systems, communities and society—Rachel Baggaley & Eric van Praag
  • Page 1045
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    Use of business planning methods to monitor global health budgets in Turkmenistan—Tim Ensor & Bakhtigul Amannyazova
  • Page 1054
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    Overlooked opportunities for investing in health research and development—David W. Fraser


  • Page 1062
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    Florida court awards US$ 145 billion in damages against US tobacco companies; Up to one third of malaria deaths in Africa occur in countries affected by complex emergencies; Deficiencies in immunization campaigns highlighted in new UNICEF report; More than 13 000 reported ill in Japan after drinking milk products

Books and Electronic Media

  • Page 1064
    pdf, 172kb

    The world health report 2000 — Health systems: improving performance—reviewed by Uwe Reinhardt
    Abortion in the developing world—reviewed by Ellie Lee