Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (7) 2000

Special theme issue: Inequalities in Health


  • Page 867
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    Tobacco control — challenges and prospects—Nancy Kaufman & Derek Yach

Critical Reflection

  • Page 868
    pdf, 254kb

    Tobacco use by youth: a surveillance report from the Global Youth Tobacco Survey projects—Charles W. Warren et al.
  • Page 877
    pdf, 334kb

    Cohort study of all-cause mortality among tobacco users in Mumbai, India—Prakash C. Gupta & Hemali C. Mehta
  • Page 884
    pdf, 240kb

    Building the evidence base for global tobacco control—Marlo Ann Corrato et al.
  • Page 891
    pdf, 320kb

    Women and tobacco: moving from policy to action—Virginia Ernster et al.
  • Page 902
    pdf, 243kb

    Tobacco industry tactics for resisting public policy on health—Yussuf Saloojee & Elif Dagli
  • Page 911
    pdf, 168kb

    Commentary: Lessons fro mprivate statements of the tobacco industry—Judith Mackay
  • Page 913
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    Political economy of tobacco control in low-income and middle-income countries: lessons from Thailand and Zimbabwe—Global Analysis Project Team
  • Page 920
    pdf, 289kb

    WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control: a global "good" for public health—Allyn L. Taylor & Douglas W. Bettcher
  • Page 930
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    From public health to international law: possible protocols for inclusion in the Framework Convention on Tobacco Control—Luk Joossens
  • Page 3
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    Health inequalities and the health of the poor: What do we know? What can we do?—D.R. Gwatkin

Theme Papers

  • Page 938
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    Commentary: Hirayama's work has stood the test of time—Elisa Ong & Stanton A. Glantz
  • Page 940
    pdf, 265kb

    Non-smoking wives of heavy smokers have a higher risk of lung cancer: a study from Japan—Takeshi Hirayama

Round Table


  • Page 3
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    Health inequalities and the health of the poor—D.R. Gwatkin
  • Page 75
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    Commentaries by: Donald Acheson; George A.O. Alleyne, Juan Antonio Casas, & Carlos Castillo-Salgado; Michèle Barzach; Paula Braveman; Göran Dahlgren; Geeta Rao Gupta; Yuanli Liu; Éva Orosz

Public Health Classic

  • Page 945
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    Hazardous chemicals from cigarette flavourings identified in tobacco smoke; Oral AIDS vaccine to be testing in the Republic of Uganda; UNAIDS estimates that half the teenagers in some African countries will die of AIDS


  • Page 948
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    Environmental hepatitis A detection and awareness on a Native American reservation—Joseph Tucker et al.