Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (6) 2000

Special theme issue: Health Systems


Theme Papers

  • Page 717
    pdf, 424kb

    A framework for assessing the performance of health systems—Christopher Murray & Julio Frenk
  • Page 732
    pdf, 301kb

    The concept of stewardship in health policy—richard B. Saltman & Odile Ferroussier-Davis
  • Page 740
    pdf, 249kb

    Benchmarks of fairness for health care reform: a policy tool for developing countries—Norman Daniels et al.
  • Page 751
    pdf, 255kb

    Challenges for health systems in Member Countries of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development—Jeremy Hurst
  • Page 761
    pdf, 212kb

    Benchmarks for health expenditures, services and outcomes in Africa during the 1990s—David H. Peters et al.
  • Page 770
    pdf, 328kb

    International comparison of health care systems using resource profiles—Anders Anell & Michael Willis
  • Page 779
    pdf, 547kb

    "Make or buy" decisions in the production of health care goods and services: new insights from institutional economics and organizational theory—Alexander Preker et al.
  • Page 791
    pdf, 302kb

    Organization of ambulatory care provision: a critical determinant of health system performance in developing countries—Peter Berman
  • Page 803
    pdf, 216kb

    The role of the hospital in a changing environment—Martin McKee & Judith Healy
  • Page 811
    pdf, 312kb

    What can we learn from international comparisons of health systems in health system reform?—Barbara McPake & Anne Mills
  • Page 821
    pdf, 258kb

    The use of private-sector contracts for primary health care: theory, evidence and lessons for low-income and middle-income countries—Natasha Palmer
  • Page 830
    pdf, 547kb

    Managed care: the US experience—Neelam K. Sekhri

Public Health Classic

Bulletin 2000 Feedback


  • Page 857
    pdf, 199kb

    Introduction—Julio Frenk
    Evaluating physician competence—Avedis Donabedian


  • Page 861
    pdf, 167kb

    Myths of community-based health care—Carl E. Taylor
    Reliability of the clinical surveillance criteria for measles diagnosis—N. Blackburn, B. Schoub, & K. O'Connell


  • Page 862
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    Companies reduce prices for HIV drugs in developing countries; Controversy surrounds new Editor-in-Chief at the New England Journal of Medicine; New resolutions on HIV/AIDS announced at the 53rd World Health Assembly; World health report 2000: improving health system performance