Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (5) 2000

Special theme issue: Reproductive Health


  • Page 569
    pdf, 162kb

    Reproductive health: widening horizons—J.Patrick Vaughan & Carla AbouZahr

Theme Papers

  • Page 570
    pdf, 309kb

    Male and female reproduction in the Gambia—Amy A. Ratcliffe, Allan G. Hill, & Gijs Walraven
  • Page 580
    pdf, 264kb

    Making abortions saf: good public health policy & practice—M. Berer
  • Page 593
    pdf, 275kb

    Severe maternal morbidity from direct obstetric causes in West Africa—A. Prual et al.
  • Page 603
    pdf, 251kb

    Maternal mortality in rural Gambia—G. Walraven et al.
  • Page 614
    pdf, 354kb

    Clinical auditing of hospital-based obstetric care in developing countries—W. Graham et al.
  • Page 621
    pdf, 301kb

    Childbirth complications and perniatal mortality in Bangladesh—T. Kusiako, C. Ronsmans, & L. Van der Paal
  • Page 640
    pdf, 311kb

    Measuring reproductive health: review of community-based approaches—Ritu Sadana
  • Page 655
    pdf, 268kb

    Assessing the burden of sexual and reproductive ill-health—C. AbouZahr & J.P. Vaughan
  • Page 667
    pdf, 274kb

    Health sector reform and reproductive health in Latin America—A. Langer, G. Nigenda, & J. Cantino

Public Health Classic


  • Page 687
    pdf, 262kb

    Insecticide resistance in Anopheles sacharovi in southern Turkey—H. Kasap et al.
  • Page 693
    pdf, 226kb

    Antibody response after postexposure rabies vaccination—D.J. Briggs et al.

Policy & Practice


  • Page 710
    pdf, 183kb

    Viral load best predictor of HIV transmission; Japan launches nursing insurance scheme for the elderly; New guidelines for latent tuberculosis infection; Guidelines on health databases must consider developing countries; EU adopts legislation to promote drug development for rare diseases