Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (4) 2000

Special theme issue: Mental Health


Theme Papers

  • Page 413
    pdf, 264kb

    Cross-national comparisons of mental disorders—WHO International Consortium of Psychiatric Epidemiology
  • Page 427
    pdf, 163kb

    Burden of mental disorders: Australian and Global Burden of Disease studies—T. Vos & C.D. Mathers
  • Page 439
    pdf, 129kb

    Long-term prognosis of depression in primary care—G.E.Simon
  • Page 446
    pdf, 113kb

    the persistence of the burden of anxiety and depression—G. Andrews et al.
  • Page 455
    pdf, 119kb

    The genetics of mental illness—S.E. Hyman
  • Page 464
    pdf, 139kb

    Psychiatric epidemiology: selected recent advances and future directions—R.C. Kessler
  • Page 475
    pdf, 106kb

    Mental health policy development in Africa—O. Gureje & A. Alem
  • Page 483
    pdf, 117kb

    Mental health developments in Latin America—R.D. Alarcón & S.A. Aguilar-Gaxiola
  • Page 491
    pdf, 185kb

    Towards a global alcohol policy—D.H. Jernigan et al.

Round Table

  • Page 500
    pdf, 54kb

    Setting the WHO agenda for mental health
  • Page 501
    pdf, 217kb

    Commentaries by: M. Tansella; N.N. Wig; P.E. Garfinkel & D.S. Goldbloom; I. Bitter; M.O. Öztürk; M.H. Mubbashar & K. Saeed; M. Freeman; H. Herrman; L. Eisenberg; D. Goldberg.

Public Health Classic

  • Page 515
    pdf, 69kb

    Commentary: Lithium treatmennt for bipolar disorder—P.B. Mitchell & D. Hadzi-Pavlovic
  • Page 518
    pdf, 2.24Mb

    Lithium slats in the treatment of psychotic excitement—John F.J. Cade

Critical Reflection


  • Page 535
    pdf, 187kb

    Nutritional status of infants in rural Zambia—J.L.A. Hautvast et al.
  • Page 542
    pdf, 170kb

    Screening of Tanzanian women for urinary schistosomiasis—G. Poggensee et al.

Policy & Practice


  • Page 562
    pdf, 61kb

    Problems due to flooding persist in Mozambique and Madagascar; Largest-ever study shows reduction in cardiovascular mortality; Spread of hepatitis C linked to unsafe injection practices in Egypt; More journals commit to National Institutes of Health publishing database; The Jordan Report 2000: progress in vaccine development

Books and Electronic Media

  • Page 564
    pdf, 40kb

    Common mental disorders in primary care—review by Kwame McKenzie


  • Page 565
    pdf, 55kb

    The Urban Health Project, Karachi—Franklin White
    Copper contamination from domestic tap water with a descaler—Santiago Nogué et al.