Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (3) 2000

Special theme issue: Polio Eradication


Theme Papers

  • Page 285
    pdf, 348kb

    Disease eradication as a public health strategy: poliomyelitis—R.B. Aylward et al.
  • Page 298
    pdf, 133kb

    Acute flaccid paralysis surveillance in Finland—T. Hovi & M. Stenvik
  • Page 305
    pdf, 168kb

    Polio national immunization days and vitamin A supplements—T. Goodman et al.
  • Page 315
    pdf, 165kb

    Excluding polio during the final stages of eradication in China—E.J. Hoekstra et al.
  • Page 321
    pdf, 256kb

    Surveillance for polio in India—K. Banerjee et al.
  • Page 330
    pdf, 212kb

    Eradication of poliomyelitis in countries affected by conflict—R.H. Tangermann et al.
  • Page 339
    pdf, 1.86Mb

    Outbreak of poliomyelitis caused by type-3 wild poliovirus in Angola—F. Valente et al.

Round Table

  • Page 347
    pdf, 168kb

    Stopping Poliovirus vaccination after eradication—D.J. Wood, R.W. Sutter, & W.R. Dowdle
  • Page 358
    pdf, 84kb

    Commentaries by: P.E.M. Fine, V.R. Racaniello, B.D. Schoub, A.M. van Loon


  • Page 364
    pdf, 106kb

    Maternal anti-tetanus antibodies and immune response to polyribosylphosphate-tetanus toxoid conjugate vaccine—C. Panpitpat et al.
  • Page 372
    pdf, 170kb

    Randomized controlled trial of anterior-chamber intraocular lenses in Nepal—J.R. Evans et al.
  • Page 379
    pdf, 138kb

    The role of son perference in reproductive behaviour in Pakistan—R. Hussain, F.F. Fikree, & H.W. Berendes
  • Page 389
    pdf, 236kb

    Questionnaire for S. mansoni screening in Côte d'Ivoire—J. Utzinger et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 399
    pdf, 145kb

    Proposal to declare neurocysticercosis a reportable disease—G. Román et al.


  • Page 407
    pdf, 40kb

    Malaria drug resistance; Community care not to blame for increased offending among the mentally ill; More partnerships to spur vaccine development.


  • Page 408
    pdf, 41kb

    Community-based health care and development: exploring the myths—Adnan A. Hyder