Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (2) 2000

Special theme issue: Immunization Safety


Theme Papers

Round Table

  • Page 205
    pdf, 256kb

    Vaccine adverse events in the new millennium—B.J. Ward
  • Page 216
    pdf, 217kb

    Commentaries by: Ahmed A. Darwish; Phyllida Brown; John Clemens; Robert Pless; Alan R. Hinman; Adrian J. Ivinson

Public Health Classic

Bulletin 2000 Feedback

  • Page 232
    pdf, 182kb

    Health inequalities and social inequalities in health—Paula Braveman et al.


Critical Reflection

  • Page 238
    pdf, 310kb

    DOTS strategy and multidrug-resistant tuberculosis—I. Bastian et al.


  • Page 252
    pdf, 219kb

    Prevalence of use of complementary/alternative medicine—E. Ernst
  • Page 258
    pdf, 228kb

    Preventing trachoma through environmental santiation—E. Prüss & S.P. Mariotti

Policy & Practice


  • Page 274
    pdf, 168kb

    Less-used vaccines against major diseases are cost-effecitve, researchers conclude; Fresh clues to treating malaria in pregnancy; How ratavirus wreaks havoc on the gut; WHO sets up high-level commission to study the links between health and economic growth

Books and Electronic Media

  • Page 276
    pdf, 164kb

    Health ecology. Health, culture and human-environment interaction; The Safe Injection Global Network (SIGN) and SIGNPOST: the Safe Injection Global Network Internet Forum Listserve