Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (12) 2000

Special theme issue: Malaria


Theme Papers

  • Page 1378
    pdf, 347kb

    Combination therapy for malaria in Africa—Peter B Bloland et al.
  • Page 1389
    pdf, 283kb

    Comparison of house spraying and insecticide-treated nets for malaria control—Christopher F. Curtis & Abraham E.P. Mnzava
  • Page 1401
    pdf, 874kb

    Spatial targeting of interventions against malaria—Richard Carter et al.
  • Page 1412
    pdf, 291kb

    Molecular entomology and prospects for malaria control—Frank H. Collins et al.
  • Page 1424
    pdf, 558kb

    Entering the post-genomic era of malaria research—Paul Horrocks et al.
  • Page 1438
    pdf, 292kb

    Using a geographical information system to plan a malaria control programme in South Africa—Marlize Booman et al.

Public Health Classic

  • Page 1445
    pdf, 172kb

    Commentary: The fate of sporozoites—Robert S. Desowitz
  • Page 1447
    pdf, 853kb

    Demonstration of a persisting exo-erythrocytic cycle in Plasmodium cynomolgi and it's bearing on the production of relapses—H.E. Shortt & P.C.C. Garnham

Round Table

  • Page 1450
    pdf, 217kb

    Rolling back malaria: action of rhetoric?
    Discussion: Joel G. Breman; Wenceslaus L. Kilama; Brian Greenwood; Pierre Druilhe; Davide Nabarro & Kamini Mendis


  • Page 1456
    pdf, 590kb

    Estimating the number of helminthic infections in the Republic of Cameroon from data on infection prevalence in schoolchildren—Simon Brooker et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 1466
    pdf, 314kb

    Safety of community drinking-water and outbreaks of waterborne enteric disease: Israel, 1976-97—Theodore H. Tulchinksy et al.


  • Page 1474
    pdf, 131kb

    Treatment of human African trypanosomiasis— Michael Dumas & Bernard Bouteille



  • Page 1476
    pdf, 168kb

    UK report urges screening for "mad sheep" disease; The Uganda Ebola outbreat — not all negative; Malaria drug resistance gene identified; First countries to be recipients of GAVI funds; Doctors' first strike in Republic of Korea likely to end

WHO News

  • Page 1479
    pdf, 105kb

    WHO's plan for Internet health domain halted; A second WHO region declared polio-free