Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 78 (11) 2000


  • Page 1283
    pdf, 141kb

    Gambiense sleeping sickness: re-emerging and soon untreatable?—Simon Van Nieuwenhove


  • Page 1284
    pdf, 336kb

    Short-course eflornithine in Gambian trypanosomiasis: a multicentre randomized controlled trial—Jacques Pépin et al.
  • Page 1296
    pdf, 242kb

    Associations between socioeconomic status and cardiovascular risk factors in an urban population in China—Zhijie Yu et al.
  • Page 1306
    pdf, 270kb

    Epidemiology of smoking among Kuwaiti adults: prevalence, characteristics, and attitudes—Anjum Memon et al.
  • Page 1316
    pdf, 254kb

    Association of diarrhoea and upper respiratory infections with weight and height gains in Bangladeshi children aged 5 to 11 years—Alberto M. Torres et al.
  • Page 1324
    pdf, 215kb

    Use of existing data for public health planning: a study of the prevalence of hepatitis B surface antigen and core antibody in Al Ain Medical District, United Arab Emirates—A. Al-Owais et al.
  • Page 1330
    pdf, 281kb

    Epidemiology of paediatric surgical admissions to a government referral hospital in the Gambia—Stephen W. Bickler & Boto Sanno-Duanda
  • Page 1337
    pdf, 201kb

    Improving stroke outcome: the benefits of increasing availability of technology—Richard F. Heller et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 1344
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    Information systems: the key to evidence-based health practice—Roberto J. rodrigues
  • Page 1352
    pdf, 193kb

    Malaria in the United Republic of Tanzania: cultural considerations andhealth-seeking behaviour—Lars Oberländer & Beth Elverdan
  • Page 1358
    pdf, 222kb

    Impediments to global surveillance of infectious disease: consequences of open reporting in a global economy—Richard A. Cash & Vasant Narasimhan


  • Page 1368
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    Eradication of helminthic infections may be essential for successful vaccination against HIV and tuberculosis—Gadi Borkow & Zvi Bentwich


  • Page 1370
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    Progress made in reducing the number of landmines worlwide; Simple low-cost test for drug-resistant tuberculosis; Women show increased susceptibility to malaria infection before and after giving birth; Outdoor air pollution has a large impact on public health.

Books and Electronic Media

  • Page 1372
    pdf, 129kb

    Individual quality of life: approaches to conceptualization and assessment—review by Kate O'Connell


  • Page 1373
    pdf, 166kb

    The alarming "gender gap"—R. Satpathy & Saroj K. Mishra
    The completion of the human genome nucleotide sequence raises privacy concerns—Bao-Hong Zhang