Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (7) 1999

Critical Reflection

  • Page 537
    pdf, 168kb

    Health inequalities and social group differences - C.J.L. Murray et al.


  • Page 545
    pdf, 256kb

    Measles epidemiology and outbreak immunization in Peru - D.H. Sniadack et al.
  • Page 553
    pdf, 169kb

    Rapid and inexpensive dipstick assay for P. Falciparum malaria - C.D. Mills et al.
  • Page 560
    pdf, 169kb

    Imported malaria (1985-95): trends and perspectives - P. Muentener et al.
  • Page 567
    pdf, 164kb

    Epidemiology of malaria in pregnancy in India - N. Singh et al.
  • Page 573
    pdf, 443kb

    Chronic Japanese schistosomiasis and hepatocellular carcinoma in Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan - F. Iida et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 582
    pdf, 447kb

    Integrated Management of Childhood Illness: first experience - T. Lambrechts et al.
  • Page 595
    pdf, 422kb

    Electronic surveillance network for antimicrobial resistance in Greece - A.C. Vatopoulos et al.
  • Page 602
    pdf, 174kb

    Awareness about an NID in Nepal - N. Jha et al.
  • Page 607
    pdf, 82kb

    Lessons on humanitarian assistance - M.G. Antequera & M.M. Suárez-Varela


  • Page 610
    pdf, 135kb

    Biomedical research publishing: radical changes ahead; Wine is not the only alcohol to provide mild protection against coronary heart disease; Polio immunization campaign in Angola; Highlights of the 52nd World Health Assembly.

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