Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (6) 1999



  • Page 455
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    Monitoring visual outcomes of cataract surgery in India - H. Limburg et al.
  • Page 461
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    Identifying infectious trachoma in a low-prevalence area of Nepal - K. Baral et al.
  • Page 467
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    Cost-comparison of tuberculosis management in Italy - G.B. Migliori et al.
  • Page 477
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    Self-diagnosis of urinary schistosomiasis in the United Republic of Tanzania - Partership for Child Development
  • Page 484
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    Compatibility of oral iodine and oral poliovirus vaccine - R.E. Taffs et al.
  • Page 492
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    Counselling on breastfeeding: assessing knowledge and skills - M.F. Rea et al.
  • Page 499
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    Bacterial meningitis in Niamey, Niger - G. Campagne et al.
  • Page 509
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    Smoking among Portuguese high-school students - A. Azevedo et al.
  • Page 515
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    Impact of leprosy on the quality of life - Geetha A. Joseph & P.S.S. Sundar Rao

Policy & Practice

  • Page 518
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    Injuries and noncommunicable diseases of children in developing countries - J.L. Deen et al.
  • Page 525
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    Management principles for the supply and distribution of medicines in Tunisia - A. Garraoui et al.


  • Page 530
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    Vaccine developers "should use quantitative tools to set priorities"; Quick and robust PCR field test for bacteria; Fresh dangers of smoking for teenagers; Simple sugar-based antibiotics challenge superbugs.

Books & Electronic Media

Readers' Forum

  • Page 533
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    What else do international health consultants need to know? - Adnan Hyder