Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (5) 1999



  • Page 371
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    Kala-azar epidemic in Varanasi district, India - R. Kumar et al.
  • Page 375
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    Seasonal diarrhoeal mortality among Mexican children - S. Villa et al.
  • Page 381
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    Effect of breastfeeding education in the Islamic Republic of Iran - M.D. Froozani et al.
  • Page 386
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    Pulmonary tuberculosis defaulters in Malawi - M.L. Kruyt et al.
  • Page 392
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    In vitro sensitivity of P. Falciparum to artesunate in Thailand - C. Wongsrichanalai et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 399
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    Organizing delivery care for safe motherhood - M.A. Koblinsky et al.
  • Page 407
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    Nutritional advocacy and national development: the PROFILES programme - Barton R. Burkhalter et al.

Round Table

  • Page 416
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    Strong bones in later life: luxury or necessity? - Piere D. Delmas & Mary Fraser
  • Page 423
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    Commentaries: S. Mark & H. Link; J.D. Wark; J.A. Sisson de Castro; F. Ben Khalifa; G. Poór; T. Nakamura & S. Fujiwara; J. Kanis; A. Peckham; U Gundert-Remy

Public Health Classics


  • Page 448
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    Simpler screening for cervical cancer; Preventing acute confusion in the elderly; Hip fracture to treble by the year 2030; Antismoking campaigns fail in industrialized countries.

Books & Electronic Media

  • Page 450
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    Tsetse biology and ecology: their role in the epidemiology and control of trypanosomiasis - Jean Jannin