Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (2) 1999



  • Page 104
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    Changing trends in barriers to cataract surgery in India - K. Vaidyanathan et al.
  • Page 110
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    Human echinococcosis in Bulgaria - T. Todorov & V. Boeva et al.
  • Page 119
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    Home delivery of heat-stable vaccines in Indonesia - A. Sutanto et al.
  • Page 127
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    Influenza vaccination among the elderly in Italy - F. Pregliasco et al.
  • Page 132
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    Measles: effect of a two-dose vaccination programme in Catalonia, Spain - P. Godoy et al.
  • Page 138
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    Vector control and bancroftian filariasis - C.A. Maxwell et al.
  • Page 144
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    Morbidity and mortality among hypoxaemic Gambian children with ALRI - T.E. West et al.


  • Page 149
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    The efforts of WHO and Pugwash to eliminate chemical and biological weapons - M.M. Kaplan

Policy & Practice

Public Health Classics


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    Swedes break record for givingn up smoking; Financial crisis blamed for cutbacks in vaccination; Public health in a new era.

Books & Electronic Media

Readers' Forum

  • Page 205
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    Salt iodization in Bangladesh - problems and a suggestion - S.S.M.A. Khorasani