Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (12) 1999


  • Page 953
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    A new century for international public health - Richard G.A. Feachem
  • Page 954
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    WHO and the International Diabetes Federation: regional partners - H. King


  • Page 955
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    Incidence and outcome of injury in Ghana - C.N. Mock et al.
  • Page 965
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    Hepatitis C antibodies and genotypes in Namibia - E. Vardas et al.
  • Page 973
    pdf, 95kb

    Cell culture and PCR for detection of poliovirus in wastewater - W.O.K. Grabow et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 981
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    Status of national diabetes programmes in the Americas - F. White & D. Nanan
  • Page 988
    pdf, 97kb

    Linking the IMCI and health information system classifications - A.K. Rowe et al.
  • Page 996
    pdf, 77kb

    Strategies for safe injections - A. Battersby et al.
  • Page 1001
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    Auto-disable syringes for immunization: technology transfer - J.S. Lloyd & J.B. Milstein
  • Page 1008
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    Analysis of industrial accidents in Brazil - M.C.P. Binder et al.


  • Page 1017
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    Tobacco industry enquiry begins as researchers warn that China still offers Western manufacturers an "enormous potential market"; Could a nasal spray protect people against human immunodeficiency virus?; Pregnant adolescents at risk of violent death in Bangladesh.

Books & Electronic Media

Readers' Forum

  • Page 1020
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    Humanitarian assistance should include aspects of sexuality - Sarah Kollie et al.; Survey of malaria treatment and deaths - Saroj K. Mishra & David Blankhart.