Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (11) 1999


  • Page 867
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    Haemophilus influenzae type b disease in Asia - Y.L. Lau
  • Page 869
    pdf, 46kb

    Preventing mother-to-child transmission of HIV in Africa - P. Piot & A. Coll-Seck

Critical Reflection

  • Page 871
    pdf, 343kb

    Reducing perinatal HIB transmission in developing countries - M. Berer


  • Page 878
    pdf, 455kb

    Severe Haemophilus influenzae type b disease in Asia - H. Peltola
  • Page 888
    pdf, 450kb

    Promotion of condom use among female sex workers in Thailand - N. Ford & S. Koetsawang
  • Page 895
    pdf, 118kb

    Inadequate weight gain among Brazilian children - A.C. Terra de Souza et al.
  • Page 906
    pdf, 365kb

    Residential exposure to electromagnetic fields and childhood leukaemia - I.F. Angelillo & P. Villari
  • Page 916
    pdf, 324kb

    Anaemia during pregnancy in Burkina Faso, West Africa - N. Meda et al.
  • Page 923
    pdf, 80kb

    Prevalence of hepatitis B and C in the Seychelles - P. Bovet et al.
  • Page 929
    pdf, 97kb

    The Sabin–Feldman test in the serodiagnosis of toxoplasmosis - I. Reiter-Owona et al.

Policy & Practice

  • Page 936
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    Clinical training unit for diarrhoea and acute respiratory infections in Mexico - R. Bojalil et al.


  • Page 946
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    Research ethics: a long way to go; Electronic publishing goes ahead, but not as first planned; East Timor: reconstruction of the health system begins; New Director for WHO European Region.

Readers' Forum

  • Page 948
    pdf, 315kb

    Against homoeopathy - Kevin R. Smith; Continuing medical education in unstable malaria areas - I. Sunday Ukpe; Need for trauma care programmes in developing countries - Rajiv Chawla; Effectiveness of mass vaccination with WC/rBS cholera vaccine during an epidemic in Adjumani district, Uganda - Fabienne Dorlencourt et al.