Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (10) 1999


In Focus

  • Page 789
    pdf, 290kb

    Unsafe injections in the developing world: a review - L. Simonsen et al.
  • Page 801
    pdf, 140kb

    Transmission of HBV, HCV, and HIV through unsafe injections - A. Kane et al.
  • Page 808
    pdf, 87kb

    The cost of unsafe injections - M.A. Miller & E. Pisani
  • Page 812
    pdf, 300kb

    Sterilizable syringes: excessive risk or cost-effective option? - A. Battersby et al.


Policy & Practice

  • Page 852
    pdf, 160kb

    Drug costs using IMCI guidelines in Kenyan rural health facilities - L.L. Boulanger et al.


  • Page 859
    pdf, 50kb

    Pig organ transplants move closer; Kosovo's mounting health needs; New clues on rickets; Spread of drug-resistant HIV.

Books & Electronic Media

Readers' Forum

  • Page 862
    pdf, 47kb

    Antimicrobial resistance: the importance of developing long-term policy - Richard D. Smith; Towards safe management of health care waste in Bangalore City - S. Pruthvish et al.