Bulletin of the World Health Organization

Table of Contents: Volume 77 (1) 1999



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    Mumps and mumps vaccine: a global review - A.M. Galazka et al.
  • Page 15
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    Diagnosing anaemia using the Haemoglobin Colour Scale - N.R. van den Broek et al.
  • Page 22
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    Unrecognized sexually transmitted infection in rural South African women - D. Wilkinson et al.
  • Page 29
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    Use of an autodestruct syringe compared with a disposable syringe - C.M. Nelson et al.
  • Page 34
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    In vivo and in vitro tests of chloroquine resistance - P. Ringwald & L.K. Basco

Policy & Practice

Round Table

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    Animal-to-human organ transplants - A.S. Daar
  • Page 62
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    Commentaries: J.S. Allan; A.P.R. Aluwihare; F.H. Bach; A. Caplan; L. Chapman; B.M. Dickens; J.A. Fishman; C.G. Groth & M.E. Breimer; A. Menache; P J. Morris; E. Van Rongen

Public Health Classics


  • Page 94
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    China's tobacco burden: large and different; Honours for an economist who showed that health matters; Malaria initiative gains momentum; AIDS shortens life and dents economic growth across Africa

Books & Electronic Media

Readers' Forum

  • Page 97
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    what do international health consultants need to know? - Beverley Chalmers