Blood transfusion safety

Reporting data for GDBS 2014 through online tool

For GDBS 2014 data collection, an online tool in English, French, Russian and Spanish is available. Where possible, countries are requested to report the GDBS 2014 data through the online tool.

1. There are two ways to open the online tool to enter data:

1) Click on the URL link in the invitation email that WHO has sent to the national blood programme manager (or a person with equivalent responsibility). As the country token code has been incorporated in this URL link, it directly leads to the opening of the questionnaire for your country.

2) Click on one of the following links (please choose the language edition you wish to use). You will be asked to enter the token code sent by WHO so that you can securely open the questionnaire for your country.

2. You may complete this questionnaire on one occasion, or you may leave the partially completed questionnaire and re-open it (by clicking on the same URL link) at a later date for further completion.

Warning: To save your answers/changes to a page, you must press
[<< Previous] or [Next>>] button at the bottom.

3. To submit, please click on the [Submit] button on the last page. After submission, data is recorded in WHO database and the questionnaire will no longer be accessible through the URL link.

If you hope to change or modify the answers after submission, or have any questions regarding GDBS 2014, please complete the form below:


If you prefer to use the Excel-based or the paper version questionnaire to report data for GDBS 2014, please download from below:

GDBS 2014 questionnaire (Excel-based version)

GDBS Questionnaire 2014 (pdf/paper version)