Blood transfusion safety

WHO Global Forum for Blood Safety

Place: Florianopolis, SC - Brazil
Date: 06–10 May 2013

WHO Blood Transfusion Safety Programme (WHO/BTS), in collaboration with WHO PAHO/AMRO, WHO/PAHO Country office in Brazil, and with the collaboration and generous support of the Brazilian Government, convened the WHO Global Forum for Blood Safety in Florianopolis, Brazil on 6-10 May 2013. WHO has established this global forum as a mechanism to foster collaboration, enhance communication and information exchange among key international experts, institutions, organizations and other stakeholders working on blood safety issues. The forum meets once in two years to deliberate on specific topic/s relevant to the global blood safety concerns, in order to make structured observations and identify priorities for action at national and international levels.

Lessons learnt and strategies to address the major constraints and challenges in blood safety, faced by both developed and developing countries, were discussed during the forum. This forum brought together representatives from developed and developing countries, members of WHO Expert Advisory Panel on Transfusion Medicine, WHO Collaborating Centres, key international organizations and WHO professional staff from headquarters and six WHO regional offices. A total of around 250 participants participated in the forum. Of which about 150 participants were from the Americas region including national participants from Brazil and 100 participants from other regions of WHO.