HPSR Teaching and Training Resources

Health Systems Global TWG on Teaching and Learning HPSR Training Database

The Health Systems Global Thematic Working Group on Teaching and Learning Health Policy and Systems Research has launched an interactive HPSR training database. The database features course information including instructional language, location, and education levels for each training plus syllabi, competencies and learning materials that are all searchable.

Access the Health Policy and Systems Research Training Database

The development of the database follows a global mapping of HPSR teaching and training programmes commissioned by the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research. The study intended to assess the reach and diversity of HSPR training in terms of content and modalities, identifying major gaps and opportunities to expand HPSR teaching capacity.

Alliance HPSR teaching and training resources

Keystone Initiative

The Nodal Institute in India has undertaken a number of activities and initiatives in promoting HPSR. A notable example is the Keystone initiative which is a capacity building initiative.

Please note that many of these resources are from external institutions. Neither the Alliance HPSR nor WHO takes responsibility for or specifically endorses the positions expressed therein, and the views are those of the authors alone.