The Alliance develops, supports and commissions innovative publications to strengthen and advance the field of health policy and systems research. The publications and resources listed below are intended for a wide range of audiences including researchers, policy-makers and practitioners.

WHO Strategy on Health Policy and Systems Research (2012)


The WHO Strategy on Health Policy and Systems Research, Changing Mindsets, advocates for greater generation and use of research evidence in health policy and builds a case for further investment in this critical area of research. Launched in November 2012, Changing Mindsets represents a unique milestone in the evolution of health policy and systems research as the first-ever global-level strategy on HPSR. The strategy is intended for a wide network of health systems actors including researchers, policy-makers, implementers, and other practitioners.

Core Documents

Strategies, Annual Reports, and External Evaluations

Flagship Reports

Flagship Reports are a key instrument in promoting ideas to address current gaps or challenges and to stimulate debate on a priority topic identified by stakeholders

Manuals, Methods, and Guidance Materials

Methods, tools and frameworks support the generation of evidence and knowledge to inform policy-making and the implementation of health programmes.

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