Alliance publications

The Alliance actively creates, supports and commissions innovative publications in health policy and systems research. This includes everything from the Alliance’s Flagship Reports, Briefing Notes to illuminate core HPSR issues and peer-reviewed papers to both advance and challenge the field.


Core documents

Alliance core documents include the Alliance Strategic plans, the Alliance Annual Reports and the External reviews.

Flagship Reports

Alliance's Flagship publications are produced every two years. Check out the three Flagship Reports already published.

Strategy on Health Policy and Systems Research - Changing Mindsets

Changing Mindsets advocates for a paradigm of close collaboration between researchers and decision-makers and proposes action that both can take to strengthen the performance of health systems.

Briefing notes and research issues

The Alliance has supported investigations into key Health policy and systems research issues. Four briefing notes and three research issues are available.

Alliance's Newsletters

Peer-reviewed papers


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