Evidence-Informed Policy

Supporting evidence-to-policy processes has been a long-standing goal of the Alliance. In recognition of the great complexity and multiplicity of approaches in knowledge translation (KT), the Alliance has implemented several programmes of work in this area in the last decade. Some have focused on synthesizing health systems evidence, supporting ongoing national processes in KT, others on strengthening the capacity of LMIC policy-makers to participate in research processes, yet others on developing the capacities of institutions involved in HPSR.
More recently, the 2012 Strategy on HPSR advocates for greater embedding of health policy and systems research into decision-making to ensure that the research conducted is more responsive to the policy and implementation needs as well as to ensure greater uptake of that evidence.
In 2014, the Alliance is developing a new programme of work with the aim of facilitating the embedding of knowledge generation and use into policy and implementation and other decision-making processes to support the learning capacity of health systems. As a first step in the development of this programme of work, a series of case studies will be developed to better understand and highlight the factors as well as institutional levers that support these objectives.